About Us

Mr. Rajbir Malik famous among the student community as RBM sir is a product of IIT-Roorkee. Having been into teaching Mathematics at most revered institute for IIT preparation for 14 years, the whole lot of IIT JEE (main & advanced) successful candidates associate their success and mentoring with the guidance of Mr Malik. Over a decade of vast experience of guiding the student to success in IIT-JEE has added punch and innovation to his teaching pattern. Regularly upgraded course material, concept oriented assignments and test are pillars in the development of a student understanding of any topic at RBM Classes.

Although there is no second opinion about the fact that there is no substitute to hard work, yet harnessing the energy of a student to optimum level and channelizing his efforts in the right direction so as to polish his / her hidden potential have made RMBClasses the insignia of success in mathematics.

Its rightly said "within every one of a Nobel prize winners, is lurking a mathematician". Einstein, Schrodinger, Dirac and Newton, all may be called Physicist, but they were equally good methematicians. The methematics which we study for IIT-JEE leads us to applied mathametics, which does not require big arithmetic calculations but logical thinking towards it's application in sciences. There are immense opportunities, but in order to grab one cannot avoid fierce competition. After completing primary cycle of education. you have reached to that stage where you have to choose your career. Engineering entrance exams require early concerted efforts from the very beginning, for which right approach is very necessary.

For the strong foundation of your preparation for IIT-JEE, foundamental concepts must be crystal clear, so that a better understanding can be developed to solve complex problems. This needs uncommon devotion from both sides i.e. Student and their mentor. "For me each student counts, each one must learn to the best of his / her capability."

  Our Vision

To contribute to india and the world through excellence in scientific and technical education and research; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society; and to remain a source of pride for all Indians.

  Our Mission

To generate values of learning among students.

To tone up every student to the best of their academic potentials.

To empower every student with best possible skill and information he/she requirea for IIT-JEE.

Our Core Values

Academic integrity and accountability.

Respect and tolerance for the views of every individuals.

Attention to issue of national relevance as well as of global concern.

Breath of understanding, including knowledge of intellectual excellence and creativity.

To generate the intellect to produce best of his/her output.